I've just created a page on our eTwinning TwinSpace with all the FLOSS I use, at least with all I remembered!

Dear friends, if you have some photos that you'd like to share with us, please, feel free to upload them to this folder and I'll add them to the global photo repository of our project. I'd like to have some photos of myself that you took during my talk. Thank you very much!
The link to the folder: cloud.pinheirodeabrantes.pt/in

Someone asked me if there was any other school with a Mastodon instance and I said I didn't know. Well, I've checked that and, in Portugal, there are one three instances. Mine is the only one serving educational purposes. In that odd guy, you know!!! 😀

Please, allow me to publicly express my gratitude, happiness and how honoured I feel for having had the pleasure of working together with the Portuguese Dream Team to make this an unforgettable week for all our friends. You are AWESOME!!! Thank you very much for your dedication, time and effort. Without them this week wouldn't ever have been possible!

Dear friends, here you are the link to all the photos I took during this wonderful week: flickr.com/gp/pinheirodeabrant
Please, feel free to use them as you see fit!
I hope you'll enjoy them!

Dear colleagues and students, I'd like to ask you your opinion about this week, about the activities, the things you liked the most, activities we didn't think of but that you'd like to have had the chance to partake in and activities you think would have resulted better if done differently. Please be frank. It's the only way to better our project and ourselves.

My dear students, you've been so quiet this week! Although I'm with our friends, I haven't forgotten you. And you could be interacting with them here too! There's no need for you to be shy! I wish you all a great day!

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Esta instância Mastodon está dedicada à divulgação e colaboração em projetos escolares no Agrupamento de Escolas N.º 1 de Abrantes e à respetiva partilha de experiências. Ela própria é exemplo disso!


This instance is dedicated to the promotion and cooperation in school projects @ Agrupamento de Escolas N.º 1 de Abrantes and to experience sharing. It is in itself a proof of this!